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Still shines within me

• Andante cantabile 

• The Lustful Mother (World Premiere of version for baritone and chamber orchestra)  

• Symphony for Strings op. 118a


Anna-Maria Helsing conductor

Aarne Pelkonen baritone 

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Anna-Maria Helsing
Aarne Pelkonen2credHeikkiTuuli2
Aarne Pelkonen

Passions run high in tonight’s concert, beginning with Tchaikovsky’s entrancing Andante cantabile before proceeding to Shostakovich’s richly evocative Symphony for Strings and culminating with the first performance by the OCO and baritone Aarne Pelkonen of Naarasäiti (The Lustful Mother) by Lapland’s young Outi Tarkiainen. Returning to wield the baton with the OCO is Anna-Maria Helsing.

 -3 € with the KP (Keskipohjanmaa) -card

Söderblom & Roozeman

• Parts from 'On an overgrown Path' 

• Violin Concerto No 2 

• Symphony No 2  



Jan Söderblom conductor

Rebecca Roozeman violin

Kokkola Orchestra 

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JanSoderblomoriginal bt Kaapo Kamu
Jan Söderblom
Rebecca Roozeman2.kuva emma Ward
Rebecca Roozeman

Rising star Rebecca Roozeman makes her debut before an Ostrobothnian audience as the soloist in Prokofiev’s richly colourful Violin Concerto No. 2. The concert begins with movements from Leoš Janáček’s On an Overgrown Path and ends with Brahms’s Symphony. No. 2. Conducting the Kokkola Orchestra will be Jan Söderblom.

Chamber music by Hans Gál

Viola - Chamber music by Hans Gál 


Hanna Pakkala viola
Reijo Tunkkari violin
Irina Zahharenkova piano
Takuya Takashima oboe

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pakkala hanna10018
Hanna Pakkala

Tickets: 20/15/10 €

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