”A feast of string sound”Veikko Yli-Kojola

Orchestras are known by their sound, assuming that they have one that is recognisable. The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra certainly does, and one which even the uninitiated will quickly learn to identify. Although describing a sound in words is virtually impossible, that of the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra is beyond all doubt its strongest distinguishing feature. Cultivating it has been one of the Orchestra’s basic missions right from the very beginning, and spotting it inevitably brings immense pleasure. The vision of both the conductor and of every member of the Orchestra is singularly clear in this respect.

With its unique sound and intensity of interpretation, the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra provides the listener with the keys to hearing and understanding music in a new way: freely and spontaneously, unhampered by any preconceived ideas or schools.